May 10

Great Eats After a Pub Crawl

Finding after hours food in Sydney isn’t too hard. There are plenty of places you can go into after a night on the town to fill up with eats, but the problem is finding a place that serves excellent food. I have done many crawls around this town and invariably we usually end up at a place that serves food that wouldn’t be fit for your dog. Stuff that is too greasy, undercooked, overcooked, or served with a snarl because they’re tired of drunks rolling in and causing problems. It was only recently that I finally stumbled on the perfect eats.

I had never tried Middle Eastern cooking before I found this place, and even then at first I was a bit hesitant. I wasn’t sure what a kebab would taste like, and I thought some of the dips looked a bit dodgy. My friends, who have more experience eating different cuisines from around the world, eagerly encouraged me to partake. I had a good buzz so it didn’t take much convincing. I initially tried part of my friend’s kebab figuring if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t end up wasting money. Needless to say I quickly put in my own order!

The kebabs are just perfect, and the restaurant uses the freshest ingredients to make sure every part of the kebab comes out perfectly. We got some dipping sauces to give them a try with the rest of the meal and I have to say all of them make your mouth water they are so delicious. We finished up our meal and complimented the workers for the great service as we paid the bill. All of us swore we would be back by the next weekend because we all believe this is by far the best after hours place in the city!