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A lot of people seem to think that it some kind of progression when you get into running that you must keep extending your distances. This is rubbish, and leads to some sort of “if I never run a marathon I failed” mindset. If you want to run shorter distances, by all means you can work on getting faster in those shorter distances.

Talking constantly about yourself is also a turn off. Angry work or office talk also doesn do it for most. Ceaseless chat about exes isn the best, either.. Manufacturers of feminine hygiene products do their best to make them sound as cutesy as possible, but the truth is, they’re necessary and expensive. Furthermore, there is no male equivalent that is, there is no product that men are required to buy monthly due to a biological function. Thus, advocates argue, it is unfair to place this extra price burden on women.

What do you think?Posted: 2009/07/28 at 10:41 PMDo I take it that the reason I am unable to view the Shatner video in what must be the funniest parody of the funniest caricature of a politician of any stripe, ever, is that NBC has blocked further playing of the video?Should this be the case, dear CBC, (and shame on NBC for doing so,) please link us to another source for the video. I hardly can wait to see what Shatner has done with it! Certainly Sarah Palin, being the most vacuous public persona of all times, gives him adequate material with which to work.Posted: 2009/07/29 at 2:14 AMWhen is the CBC and its tame stable of leftie adolescent commentators, going to stop trashing Palin? The speech was far, far better than is implied in the story (“what the heck it was all about?”), and it struck a chord in anyone who has lived in the North. Palin has massive support among the quiet but determined those determined to take their country back from the metropolitan “we know best, so shut up” brigades, the socialists, the timid industry managements and those whose education consisted of sitting in a University classroom and babbling about equality, social justice and eco criminals?Posted: 2009/07/29 at 3:00 PMThey always say that a great actor can read the phone book with such aplomb as to make you weep or laugh or elicit whatever emotion desired.This is surely a testament to Shatner’s acting ability.

Here is an Instructable on how to make a pair of shoes out of duct tape. Different colored duct tape can be used for this, but I used just the normal, gray color because that is all I had when the idea came to me. scissors (only if available. “It went well,” Walker said. “That was my first time doing offensive one on ones. I won some, I lost some, but I learned a lot.”Dollars proposed in a six year turf expansion plan that was ultimately rejected by Montgomery County Public Schools.

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