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Nov 20

How to Make a Yeast Starter

Yeast is an important ingredient in baking as well as making alcoholic beverages. In baked goods, yeast acts as a leavening agent that helps the bread or any other baked product to rise. It makes the baked products light, soft and fluffy. In alcoholic beverages, during the fermentation process, yeast converts the sugar into carbon …

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Nov 18

Sorghum Beer

In South Africa, as well as China, sorghum is used in the production of beverages and is considered a very important ingredient. In South Africa, it is used to make beer, whereas in China, it is used in the making of distilled beverages like kaoliang and maotai. It is used instead of barley grain in …

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Nov 12

How to Brew Beer at Home

home beer brewing process

Who doesn’t like beer? It cools you down during summer, warms you up during winter, puts a ‘spring’ in your step during spring, and helps you brood during autumn. It is the inspiration behind the drinking game and now, the beer bong is a compulsory companion for any sporting event. It works best at bringing …

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Nov 07

Lager Vs. Ale – What Every Beer Drinker Needs to Know

Many beer drinkers often wonder what is the distinction between lager and ale, and the answer to this simply lies in the method in which they are both fermented. Though they both qualify as beer, there are major differences in the fermentation process, and this results in the characteristics in appearance and taste as well. …

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